Monday, August 1, 2011

speak English in the blog ^^

Salam opening speech.

Today suddenly I moved the heart to change the language from Malay to English. Yes, is not it? Besides, now I want to change the way I am. Every Sunday, I must post in English. Okay? Haha .. Wow how are you all? Healthy? Hope you all in good health. Must you all have bathrooms, right?. Kihkihkih ~

Okay today it is time the Muslims must perform the ritual of fasting. There are those who do not fast? I certainly have, especially the women. Do not know who this man is right there embedded suddenly want to excuse himself. Ahaks ~ Suhoor is how? There are no pre-dawn meal. Oh no, he urged his followers dawn meal.

Hmm somehow I woke up this morning at what time. My younger brother surprised me out of bed..

"Angah, bangun sahur!"

"Tak nak lah.."

hahahaa I realized that I was not saying "Tak nak lah '. Delirious maybe xD I got up to wash my face (do not clean my teeth). Wooowwww .. how nice! Sambal petai prawns + spicy chicken. Hehehe. Watches eaten before insane crazy. After watches me sleep. Huh humans have no use. Of course lah today I might not fast (kantoi)! Maybe but really did not fast at all. If I fast long time I sat facing the Qiblah for what should be added pahal. Today I may be back in the 9 pm. Friends there waiting for my return ok! I want to bring plenty of food and biscuits PUUUUNNNN (ayat Atikah Tamrin). Happy stories - Cannot wait to see the behavior of friends (Eyka, Eyra, Batik, Bieha, Katy and Korak) who like a madman! Hehehe..

Okay back to I want to know and share the information I could today. I type my blog link and see the latest posts from kak Elia. Okay quickly go. OMG .. want to know? Com CLlick top post next to the 'My Blog List "near the right side. Okay lah mak Ngah u oOOollss want to bath, I tidy the house a while. Then I want to read the Metro newspaper today. Mama ontheway to bought me center newspaper. Walaweh! Hehehe ..

p/s : Sorry for the reader if there are wrong words, wrong speech. And most importantly. Sorry if you all do not understand what I said. I am not proficient in English. But I try to speak in English to strengthen my language and easy for me to write essays. So.. I ask the cooperation of the master and madam to give an opinion on my entry today. Do good readers and my loyal readers? ^ ^