Saturday, August 6, 2011

preparation for the feast..

What day is today? Sunday (kene bertaip dalam English lah ni)

Okay before we go further.. I'm sorry if you're tired of oOOll the people I always talk about Elia and Fahmi. Honestly Im very interested in nd support them even more gossip about them..

I had accidentally opened a blog link Aimie Harmelia (Elia) is not open for long. So truly wanted to know the current issues in his blog. Just now I just go a new tab and type the Elia blog link. Hmm he deserted his blog? It is not normal. He is full of stories and Fahmi. Flowers bloom when first her blog. Now .. What is. Only the boards 'thank you' only. Perhaps.. when the heart is Elia moved to update the blog he already 'bersawang' dis erk..

Okay we are back to the story and the real motive of this post! .. Last story should be and must be forgotten yup. Give full attention to short stories Im today. Hhuhuhu .. From today I am with my family out for a stroll (crazy fun) and go shopping near the JJ Wangsa Maju . There is less kooooot xD. It's more crazy is the level gaban when the people coming to the complex. So today I can buy Skinny Jeans only! (Skinny tak skinny lah kan) .. Because shirts, shoes all can not be diagnosed more beauty he. Ehek ehek.

Today also I am tired again because I follow my mom go to shopping like yesterday but near Wangsa Walk Mall okay O_O gulp! Why the baju kurung moden is veraaayyy beautiful? Oh shit.. I already buy the Baju kurung. Okay I have come here not just to follow my mom shopping PUUNNN. I can be is the Kebaya + shoes to wear with baju kurung (High Shine the first time in life use). Mama already buy my baju kurung at the time I sat very close hostel. Nice! Black. This year, the year 2011 one in the history of my family wore a uniform color when they day of the Festival (black).

Am I right back lists what items are still missing. So mama say if you want to buy sneakers like the close Along Klcc later. Now there are only a scarf, shirt walking tour, with a cloth for Kebaya. Along back later I will invite him to go to Masjid Jamek to shop scarf. Yeyeaaahhh!

Naaahhhh .. Now time to relax. After dat I want to help mama make Roti Jala + Kuah Durian. There are those who eat durian? Lift the keyboard right now! .. Hehehe .. Rasa Halal Orientian (do not know spelling) durian yet again if mama is cooking .. Yummy yummy .. Fun crazy when to go home. Now I'm not worried yet, because everyweek week students can graduate dormitory SEMVERT back home. Wohooaa! ..

Okay lah. Good breaking all. Salam Ramadan from Nurul Ainaa.